Start your journey from Hotel Palace Vrkljan which has the own history dating from 17th c. what the building was used as a fortress and arsenal for the defense against the Turks. In the period of French authority in the 19th c. the fortress was reconstructed and was used for the accommodation of soldiers and travelers. In the 20th c. the building becomes the hotel and since 1995 the hotel is owned by the family Vrkljan which tries to keep the authentic and domestic ambient and atmosphere you can find in many little details in order to make your experience unique.

In Karlobag we advise …

  • St. Karlo Boromejski Monastery which celebrates 300 years this year. In the monastery, except the mistery picture of last supper with women you can see personal belongings of pop Mesić, the liberator of Croatian maritime region from Turks and you can see the chronology book of happenings since 13th c. until today;
  • Monumental to Šime Starčević, writer of first Croatian grammar;
  • Ruins of old town from 17th c;
  • 7 springs water inside of the houses...

The surrounding offers you:

Fishing with experienced local fishermen at sea or fishing at river Lika.

Hunting in the woods of Velebit, we'll gladly connect you with local hunting club.

If you are fan of diving don't miss the Cove Stinica, except the natural beauties of the undersea you can see the sunken German ship from 2nd World War (15 minutes by car).

Vidikovac Kubus is located on 967 meters heights above sea-level, discovers the beautiful view on Adriatic islands of north and middle cost, and if the weather is clear you can see all the way to the Italy cost (15 minutes by car).

Dairy Krasno where you can taste the Croatian tradition cheeses and learn about of their production (60 minutes by car).

Velebitsko beer brewery where you can taste and learn about the production of beer that has received an award as best European beer (60 minutes by car).

National park North Velebit advisable for hiking, mountain-climbing, mountain-biking (30 minutes by car).

National park Paklenica, advisable for cliff-climbing, mountain climbing and hiking (30 minutes by car).

National park Plitvice, advisable for hiking by the most amazing and colorful waterfalls in Europe (90 minutes by car).

Štirovača, one of the last virgin forest (60 minutes by car).

Bears reserve Kutarevo (60 minutes by car).

The house where was born Nikola Tesla, the worldwide known as the inventor of the electricity, Smiljan (45 minutes by car).

The house where was born Ante Starčević known as a father of the homeland, Žitnik (45 minutes by car).

At the island of Pag we recommend you to visit Pag's salt pans, The middle ages town Pag and the beach Zrče which is famous beach of young people known all over the world (45 minutes by boat).

City of Zadar, historical, cultural and shopping center (60 minutes by car).